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Azure sky
...the musing of a kite in the wind.
Did you notice? 
19th-Apr-2006 01:57 pm
"...Look around just people, can you hear their voice
Find the one who’ll guide you to the limits of your choice.

But if you’re in the eye of storm
Just think of the lonely dove
The experience of survival is the key..." -"Gravity of Love" - Enigma

OOC: Azura discusses some things with the Whip and get's an earfull in return.

"Did you notice?
It stopped---

In flight school, they said that when you get caught in a big storm,
You go towards the center,
Because in the center, in the eye everything is quiet.
In the eye you can catch your breath, make repairs
In the eye, the wind stops.
It was like that.
It stopped moving---

I didn’t notice it at first
I was so caught up in everything going on
Plotting a new course off the lanes
Following that Mako
Everyone was nervous—-- "apprehensive" I think is the word.

Then when we were waiting, I noticed..
Doy was- odd? Off.. something felt wrong, seemed wrong?
Steph was- odd- strange- ....foreign-
I don’t understand.
You know something.
You do, don’t you?
You can’t say though, won’t say?
Don’t know how to say?

Doy’s darker.
He was dark before I know that.
But there’s something else, something shifting under his skin..
I can’t see it when I look at him directly.
Only out of the corner of my eye.
I am looking.
That's probably true, but I can't help that.

Steph’s been distant.
That info on her brother is starting to weigh on her, I think.
She’s just preoccupied, worried, stressed, all that---
But she’s still Steph, people change but there's part that's always the same.
Like Shame is still Shame.
Persi is still Persi.
Shep is Shep
Captain is-- well-- stressed--- but still the Captain.

You saw them yesterday, what do you think?
He was not!
That’s just doubt talking,
Doubt is nothing but poison to the soul.

When I came back it seemed better.
I was paying attention.
Yeah I did think it was strange,
I just thought it was a good sign that...
Do you know you're really paranoid?
yeah probably...
Alright. I'll ask him, but I think he was...
ok.. I'll ask... He'll probably just shrug at me...

I’m just nervous, uneasy, tired, making things up.
I’m seeing shadows where there aren’t any.
I’ll ask ge ge. If there’s something really there, I’m sure he’s noticed it too.
...of course I'll talk to him too, but I refuse to add to his own self doubt.

If what I was hearing is true, we are caught between alot of bad people.
People casting shadows on us, or pulling us into the dark---
Like a gravity well-- like a black hole.
Need to find escape velocity, break free---

If we’re in the eye--- why can’t I see the storm?
I feel like there are invisible strings tying us up.
Everything we do just seems to make the strings get tighter.

Stop struggling?
Stop moving?
Let it all just happen and see who survives?

Not likely..."
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